Werder Bremen Trikot 2019/20

The neu Werder bremen 2019-20 house & away kits were released today. Made von Umbro, the new Werder bremen home und away kits wollen be worn an the Bundesliga.

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The Werder bremen 19-20 kits space released under ns slogan "GREEN.WHITE.WONDERWALL" zu emphasize how ns club"s supporters oase a constant impact top top Werder"s development.

Werder bremen 19-20 residence Football Kit

This is the Werder bremen 19-20 home jersey.
The new bremen 19-20 home kit features die more traditional, saturated green des the club. It has a white collar and features an extremely subtle pinstriping on ns body.
The Wiesenhof sponsor again appears an only white on bremen 2019-2020 shirt. Die overall design of ns jersey ist very simple, when a bit des lime green kann sein be seen on die inside collar.
White shorts und socks ring off die traditional look von the bremen 2019-20 house shirt.

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Werder bremen 19-20 away Jersey

This zu sein the Werder bremen 19-20 far shirt.
The bremen 2019-2020 away jersey ist similarly classy. It"s nearly entirely white with environment-friendly logos, this time special a full-color variant von the Wiesenhof logo.
An abstract graphic with ns iconic Umbro double Diamond logo can be checked out on die left sleeve.Green shorts and socks complement ns Umbro Werder bremen 2019-20 away kit.

Werder bremen 19-20 Goalkeeper home & away Kits

Check out Pavlenka"s zuerst & second choice goalkeeper kits zum the 2019-20 season below.

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Based ~ above Umbro"s goalkeeper template weil das the upcoming season, ns Werder bremen 2019-2020 goalkeeper house & away kit are greatly yellow respectively red in combination through a stunning graphics pattern.The neu Umbro Werder bremen 19-20 kits were introduced on ns 27th of June 2019 und are currently available zu buy zum 65 EUR each through the club"s online store.Do sie like the neu Werder bremen home and away football jerseys? Drop us a heat below.