Wer ist raus lets dance 2020

The 13th season von “Let’s Dance” started on February 21, 2020. That means there are great dances und lots of emotions every Friday evening. Zum all those that want zu go crazy on their favorite sprung show – below are ns “Let’s Dance” facts. RTL.de take it a watch at die most common questions and created a “Let’s Dance” FAQ.

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Let’s tanzen 2020: that is ausblüten there?

The following celebrities are at this time fighting weil das the “Dancing Star” title:

Will “Let’s Dance” continue despite corona virus?

Let’s Dance: What was the change in the quarterfinals in Show 10?

In ns quarter-finals, a neu task awaited die “Let’s Dance” candidates and professionals – die so-called “Challenge Dances”. Here you tun können find the end what it was all about.

Which dances did the “Let’s Dance” candidates tanzen on the 10th show?

These dances danced the “Let’s Dance” candidates in the quarterfinals.

Why hasn’t john Kelly to be there since die 4th “Let’s Dance” direkte show?

John kelly took ~ above one Illness in his family does notfall take part in the 4th direkte show and will no much longer return kommen sie “Let’s Dance”. Loiza Lamers moved up for him.

Let’s dance: who’s out?

Let’s dance: that dances v whom?

These sprung couples found each other in the 13th season des “Let’s Dance”.

Who are the “Let’s Dance” candidates 2020?

In 2020, rtl again gathered a colorful mix des celebrities. In our videos we present the 14 “Let’s Dance” candidates native season 13.

These are:

Which skilled dancers will be part des “Let’s Dance” in 2020?

In season 13, these experienced dancers tanzen alongside die celebrities:

What does die “Let’s Dance” winner get?

Only those that impressed the jury und the audience v their performance oase the gelegenheit to win the title “Dancing star 2020”. There was a trophy following to ns title.

How lang did the stars train zum “Let’s Dance”?

The erste training through all stars und professional dancers bring away place the week prior to “Let’s sprung – that dances v whom?” ~ above February 21, 2020. After the introductory show, the tanzen couples then regularly train together.

Who is on the jury at “Let’s Dance” 2020?

For ns evaluation des the dances, die professional dancer zu sein sitting again Motsi mabuse (37), the international judge Joachim Llambi (54) and the Cuban catwalk trainer Jorge Gonzalez (51) bei the “Let’s Dance” jury. Together, die jurors again evaluate the dance performances des the prominent candidates v their sprung partners.

In previous seasons, the prominent “Let’s Dance” candidates had to face the judgments of markus Schöffl, Katarina Witt (both bei season 1), Harald Glööckler (season 3 und 4) and Maite kelly (season 5) .

How long oase the jurors been on ns “Let’s Dance” jury?

The Let’s dance jury: Jorge Gonzalez, motetsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi.

Joachim Llambi has actually been part des the jury since the erste season (2006) von “Let’s Dance”. His judgments are frequently feared. Our expert dancer Motsi mabus has to be thrilling v her bewegt ratings since ns fourth season (2011). Catwalk trainer Jorge Gonzalez has been on the jury since 2013, ns sixth season.

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Who decides on “Let’s Dance” kommen sie progress?

Hmm, how does die awarding of points arbeiten with “Let’s Dance”? Voting is easy! After each dance, the jury distributes 1 kommen sie 10 points – a maximum des 30 points are possible. Die points completed are converted into a ranking: the couple with ns lowest jury rating obtain one point and the couple with die highest rating 14 points. Important: If, zum example, there are only eight bag left bei the competition, a maximum von 8 points tun können be awarded.

Particularly cool: ns viewers rate by voting zum their favorite von phone or sms voting. Die calls are also ranked here. This method that die couple with ns lowest number des spectator votes gets one point and the couple with ns highest number of votes 14 point out – of course only if 14 pairs are in competition.

Then ns points of the judges and the spectators room added. Ns pair with die lowest in its entirety ranking should leave the competition. In the event von a tie, die pair with die higher audience votes zu sein one round ahead. So call diligently dafür that die favorites obtain on.

When walk “Let’s Dance” start in 2020?

The 13th season von “Let’s Dance” will deshalb start in 2020 “Let’s tanzen – that dances through whom? die great introductory show” top top February 21, 2020, in which the 14 celebrities wollen find out that they wollen be dancing with bei the next few weeks .

Who will host “Let’s Dance” an 2020?

Next daniel Hartwich leader Victoria Swarovski again through die show. For Victoria it ist the dritter time that she moderated “Let’s Dance” – she followed in the footsteps of Sylvie Meis in 2018. Bei 2016 Victoria ventured ~ above the sprung floor herself und was able zu leave “Let’s Dance” with die professional dancer Erich Klann as ns winner. Daniel Hartwich has actually been a moderator since die third season (2010).

Where kann sein I watch whole episodes des “Let’s Dance” online?

At TVNOW can consequences indigenous “Let’s Dance” 2019 auch afterwards it is in watched. An addition, might “Let’s Dance” parallel to ns TV broadcast deshalb in RTL livestream it is in followed.

Who have been die winners of “Let’s Dance” deshalb far?

In 2019, ex-national handball player Pascal hen won together with professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova in the 11th season of “Let’s Dance” was Ingolf Lück and Ekaterina voted “Dancing stern 2018”. The became ns oldest “Let’s Dance” winner worldwide.

What other celebrities oase won Let’s Dance in recent years? Here’s all winners indigenous 2006 kommen sie 2018:

Wayne Carpendale with experienced dancer Isabel Edvardsson (2006)Susan Sideropoulos with professional dancer christen Polanc (2007)Sophia Thomalla with experienced dancer Massimo Sinató (2010)Maite kelly with experienced dancer christian Polanc (2011)Magdalena Brzeska with experienced dancer Erich Klann (2012)Manuel Cortez with experienced dancer Melissa Ortiz-Gomez (2013)Alexander Klaws with experienced dancer Isabel Edvardsson (2014)Hans Sarpei with professional dancer kathrin Menzinger (2015)Victoria Swarovski with experienced dancer Erich Klann (2016)Gil Ofarim with expert dancer Ekaterina Leonova (2017)

What ist “Let’s dance – The live Tour”?

It wollen be like 2019 2020 a live tour again give! die perfect opportunity weil das everyone that could not be part von this year’s totally sold tour.

Who is on die jury zum “Let’s tanzen – das Live Tour” 2020?

The well-known jury around motetsi Mabuse, Jorge González and Joachim Llambi wollen make produziert judgment direkt every night.

When does die “Let’s dance – das Live Tour” 2020` start?

On november 3rd, 2020 “Let’s sprung – die Live Tour” starts. V this verknüpfung there room all dates in 16 German cities.

Where kann sein you get tickets zum “Let’s tanzen – ns Live Tour” 2020?

All specific dates, locations und There are tickets behind this link.

Official podcast of “Let’s Dance”

In the official “Let’s Dance” audiodatei you are nach oben close und personal with how the celebrity candidates space doing in the dress rehearsal and get amazing backstage insights native Bella Lesnik. Martin Tietjen climate immerses himself bei the direkte show, discusses the zeigen with guests and balances herstellung performance v the dance couples.

You kann do die “Let’s Dance” audiodatei with Bella Lesnik and Martin Tietjen anytime zum free weist AUDIO NOW.

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AUDIO NOW ist the neu central audio platform for Germany and, an addition to ns summer home podcast, combines numerous other audio series and exclusive podcasts. Here you kann sein download the anwendung for free und discover ns extensive range. Ns AUDIO NOW app is available in the anwendung store and an Play store.

Where can I uncover news und current info about “Let’s Dance”?

News about die show, previews, collapses and videos are routinely on ns “Let’s Dance” format seite at RTL.de. Freundin are guaranteed not to fehlschlagen any exciting news about the dance show und always continue to be well informed!