Hell-bent ~ above exacting revenge und proving he was framed for his sister's murder, Álex to adjust out kommen sie unearth viel more than ns crime's echt culprit.

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Nominated for four Imagen Awards, including ideal Primetime Drama und Best TV drama Actor (Manolo Cardona).
Season 2 (Trailer): ¿Quién mató a Sara?
Season 1 (Trailer): ¿Quién mató a Sara?
Season 1 (Trailer 2): ¿Quién mató a Sara?
Teaser: ¿Quién mató a Sara?
After 18 years bei prison, Álex bring away his revenge on the Lazcano family, that framed him zum the murder des his sister Sara zu save their reputation.

Álex renders his zuerst move on the Lazcano family hinweisen Rodolfo's CEO appointment ceremony. Who identifying together Diana the Huntress offers zu help him.

César refuses to tell Elisa what happened to Sara 18 year ago, deshalb she turns zu Álex zum answers. Chema und Lorenzo start looking zum surrogates.

Mariana receives a chilling reminder of the crime in the mail. A flashback discover Sara knew Chema's secret. Elisa breaks right into Álex's house.

Rodolfo pays a visit to Álex and learns a shocking detail about Sara's death. Elisa desires Álex zu trust herstellung but zuerst she should pass a test.

The burden von having to keep all the Lazcano secrets starts acquisition a toll on Elroy. Elisa und Álex to visit a masquerade splitter linterparty at the casino.

After César's darker side is brutally exposed at die masquerade, die Lazcano siblings' commitment begins zu shift. Elroy's troubled past is disclosed.

Álex and the Lazcano siblings walk to ns family estate. César's casino empire starts to crumble as the events at the masquerade go public.

Another suspect an Sara's fatality comes right into play. Chema share a surprise with his family punkt a dinner splitter linterparty but a an enig exposed steals die spotlight.

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Álex and Rodolfo delve into the past zu discover the identity of Diana the Huntress. Elisa help Bruno figure out what happened to Emara.

Flashbacks unravel the fateful day in 2001. Although Sara's diary seems to hold the key to produziert murder, a secret hidden in a wall surface tells an additional story.

To precise his revenge, Álex will schutz to bring zu light his sister's darker side – und come kommen sie terms with die fact the he never knew the real Sara.

The corpse found in the backyard threatens kommen sie put Álex back in jail. Zu prove his innocence, he looks for answers through a psychiatrist who treated Sara.

Lorenzo agrees to be Álex's lawyer. Mariana decides what to do v Elroy. Elisa i do not care collateral damage in one von Álex's attacks against César.

Álex’s obsession with revenge prompts Elisa zu make a choice. Moncho breaks into Chema und Lorenzo's house. Sara learn a shocking truth about herself.

Six months later, Álex discovers die identity von the corpse in his backyard. Meanwhile, César has disappeared und Elisa comes back from Europe.

Álex help Lorenzo and Chema with the aftermath des what happened hinweisen their house. Sergio targets Elisa to hurt César. Nicandro meets nach oben with Marifer.

An officer shows nach oben at Lorenzo's office to inquire about Moncho. Marifer discloses herstellung plan zu find her mom zu Nicandro. Álex focuses on detect Elisa.

Flashbacks expose Sara und Marifer's connection. Moncho's brothers exacts his revenge. Nicandro hand Álex ns ultimate proof of Sara's twin life.

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A videotape hidden in Sara's closet i do not care a key piece des evidence that makes everyone establish they've been seeking die murderer in the dorn place.

Manolo CardonaGinés García MillánCarolina MirandaAlejandro NonesEugenio SillerClaudia RamírezJuan Carlos RemolinaXimena LamadridLuis Roberto GuzmánFátima MolinaLitzyMatías NovoaDaniel Giménez CachoLeo DeluglioPolo MorínAndrés BaidaEla VeldenHéctor JiménezAna Lucía DomínguezIñaki GodoyMarco Zapata