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(bethlsim.com) - If you"re trying zu figure the end which is the best smartphone to buy ideal now, you"ve arrived punkt your destination.

Below, we"ve ranked and rated die top performers from our substantial phone reviews right into one definitive list. Whether sie typically choose Apple"s iPhone, want kommen sie check out die latest samsung flagship or an elaborate something different from the android realm, we oase the answer zu which phone must be at the top von your wishlist.

If sie already understand which call operating system you"ll it is in going with, freundin may discover it easier to zoom in on ours best android phone or best iPhone guides. And if ns prices of the picks listed below are a wenig steep, sie may want to consider checking out a mid-range smartphone.

For those just getting zu grips with what"s out there, though, we should grad that it"s a great time to invest in a new phone. We"ve newly seen ns launch des the iphone phone 13 and the google Pixel 6 ranges, i beg your pardon added kommen sie Samsung"s Galaxy S21 series, and the OnePlus 9 family that come earlier in 2021.

No matte which you eventually opt for, you"ll likely need a reminder of the most important sachen to consider when buying a new smartphone, as well. That"s why we"ve consisted of a section listed below our picks with some FAQs.

As v every buyer"s guide, die picks listed below are the result von countless hours des testing von the bethlsim.com team. However, a phone"s performance isn"t die only point that us consider wie putting together these rankings; we ar a solid emphasis ~ above the price tag und overall value of a device, too.

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Our picks adjust regularly, offered that new phones start all the time, but listed below you can find ns latest rankings.

What is the best smartphone to buy ideal now? Currently, the google Pixel 6 Prois at ns top von our list. However, we also recommend exploring the apfel iPhone 13 Pro, samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9and sich entschuldigen iPhone 13.

Our oberteil Pick: ideal Smartphone



Google Pixel 6 Pro



Top-tier camera performanceBold design


Slightly chunkyNot especially fast charging

We"ve viewed plenty von Pixel phones enter the market over die years, but none have quite regulated to live up to typical expectations des a flagship device. That"s completely changed with the Pixel 6 Pro.

As ever, google has listed a camera und computational photography system that is, in our view, best bei class. However, the stakes oase been raised right here primarily early to ns asking price, which zu sein low enough, we expect, to make a gewächs of competitors second guess themselves.

With the 6 Pro, there"s a echt sense of confidence and completeness. The design is bold, die display ist crisp, ns speakers room excellent und Google"s Tensor chip has android 12 running very smoothly.

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It is very much on ns chunky side, which won"t be for everyone, und the charging speeds let it under slightly, however this is in outstanding choice zum those who want an Android device.