Welcher kindle ist der beste

Amazon has four ebook readers. Here's just how they ridge up—and which one might be right zum you.

Du schaust: Welcher kindle ist der beste

Kindles are one of our favourite devices. They're simple, reliable, and perfect hinweisen what lock do—in one palm-sized device, you tun können bring thousands of books v you kommen sie the park or mountain. Lock get more than a month of battery life per charge and you kann sein subscribe to get unlimited publications from Amazon. You can so get complimentary books native your neighborhood library. Yet what's the best Kindle? our guide wollen help you decipher die differences.

Are you ready kommen sie wade even further into the field of amazonas devices? We have guides to the Best Fire Tablets, ideal Alexa Speakers, as well as many various other buying guides zum more advice.

Updated september 2021: We've added details on the three new Paperwhite Kindles announced this month. They're available zum preorder now and will anfang shipping ~ above October 27.

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