Welche Xbox Ist Die Beste

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Du schaust: Welche xbox ist die beste

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(bethlsim.com) - the Xbox controller has actually a pretty exceptional lineage currently - after the somewhat odd form adopted von the original console"s chunky gamepad, the Xbox 360 introduced a new form that"s stood die test des time.

It"s only been slightly revised since die Xbox One years, and has continued to be pretty similar weil das the Xbox collection X and Series S, together well. That"s a testament zu a good bit des design, yet there are ausblüten some limitations kommen sie it. Even if it is it"s notfall quite the right shape weil das you, or because freundin want some extra buttons und functionality, picking up a various controller could be a game-changer.

There are myriad controllers zu choose from out there; some möchte offer an ext options, others various sizes and textures, and we"ve experiment a substantial range of them. We put them with their paces an a variety des games and genres to lakers how they hold trost to die competition, testing for latency, comfort and features to kommen sie up with a an extensive final ranking.

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Whether they"re wired or wireless, how viel they cost, what extras come bundled in - all des these count bei our estimate alongside ns basics of the controllers" develop quality and craftsmanship, so read on zu find out which are the very finest on the market best now.

What ist the finest Xbox controller? Currently, us recommend die Microsoft Xbox Elite series 2 together our top choice. However, different options room offered an the Xbox Wireless Controller, PowerA Fusion jeden 2 Wired controller, Razer Wolverine competition Edition und SCUF Prestige.

Our oberteil Pick: best Xbox Controller



Microsoft Xbox Elite collection 2



Excellent customisationExtra buttons


ExpensiveHas been well-known to have hardware problems

Microsoft spied that human being were getting into practice controllers a few years ago and decided kommen sie take die market itself, and the 2nd version von its controller is formidable.

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Like many pro controllers, this thing ist pricey, but it"s got the creme of main status, and a substantial range des customisation options to let you tune that perfectly.

Whether that"s behind paddles bei whatever arrangement you like or thumbsticks that withstand you ns right amount, this ist the finest controller weil das most human being right now - if they"re willing kommen sie pay!