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Welche windows bit version habe ich

For MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a) and later versions, you kann sein determine this information von selecting die "Help>About MATLAB" food selection from ns desktop.

Du schaust: Welche windows bit version habe ich

If freundin are to run MATLAB without the desktop interface, the info appears bei the command window when MATLAB starts.
For ahead product releases, you tun können determine if ns version von MATLAB sie are running ist 32-bit or 64-bit von using die following function:
You can so determine if sie are running 32 or 64 little bit MATLAB using die MEXEXT role which offers you ns extension des the mex document generated von MATLAB:






Hi, zu sein there a way zu convert die 64-bit version von a simulink model to that 34-bit version? bei fact ,I am having some belästigung with version"s compatibility. Many thanks.
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