What is the best TV brand? With so many big players, from market leader samsung to follow-ups choose LG and TCL – and many an ext mid-weight TV brands alongside – it tun können be hard kommen sie parse through die options to pick die very level best.

Du schaust: Welche fernseher marke ist die beste

The answer, des course, will vary depending on what you"re after. A cheap TV with some crucial premium technologies snuck in? perhaps Hisense or TCL. A high-end OLED the won"t oase any handling issues? LG, Sony, or Panasonic – the belastung of i m sorry offers much better built-in audio than any other OLED TV an equipment out there.

In this overview we"ll run freundin through all the best TV brands, and how their offerings tend kommen sie vary – from panel technologies and formats kommen sie more humdrum considerations prefer pricing.

When bei doubt, it"s typically easier kommen sie stick through a TV feuer you currently know. That way, you"ll be acquainted with the interface und smart TVplatform, and the kind of functionality und format support zu expect. That should so mean that you don"t end up losing Dolby Visionor HDR10+capability von switching to a TV feuer that support a contending HDRstandard.

However, if sie want zu find the end if ns grass ist greener elsewhere or just the best arguments weil das each TV feuer you might not schutz considered, check out on below.

What zu sein the ideal TV feuer to buy?

There space dozens von brands out there, but we commonly only recommend 7 or eight brands to our readers. Among them are Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, TCL, Philips and Hisense.Each oase different product ranges, offerings, und strengths, though many TV brands möchte sell a mix von cheap, mid-tier und high-end televisions, dafür there"s constantly a range of models to choose from.

What are die best quality televisions?

The finest TV brands have to offer ns best TVs, and you"ll see each von these companies push a distinct combination von premium features for the most expensive sets. Weil das LG, it"s OLED screens, some von them also with 8K; for Samsung, 8K TVs are ns standard zum high-end screens, through QLED panels and Mini führen zu backlighting alongside – v TCL having actually a comparable strategy, despite Samsung is generally perceived as a maker von higher-quality models.

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Hisense toys v a mix of QLED, ULED, OLED, und laser TV technologies, though again its compete pricing reveals part corners cut contrasted to ns best screens out there from top quality brands such together Sony or Panasonic.

Samsung: good all-rounder TV brand


(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is a TV feuer you’ve almost certainly currently heard of, given its position as ns biggest seller des TVs global – and also all kinds des other technology products.

The southern Korean electronics manufacturer has actually a big user base zum a reason – it offers a broad range of sets at a variety of price points, with a basic level von quality above much more budget brands. Samsung is so a big backer von LED/LCD TVs, v a broad range von mid-price 4K TVs that sees new modell every year.

Unlike some von its competitors, too, samsung doesn’t make the jump zu OLED zum its high-end sets, sticking v quantum dot führen zu (or ‘QLED’) panels in its premium, high-contrast screens – v thousands des nits brightness making zum dazzling output. While OLED TVs sell stiff competition, breakthroughs prefer Samsung’s extremist Viewing Angle modern technology – und more forgiving pricing – room helping it keep die edge, when plans for QD-OLED hybrids could lakers Samsung cement its dominance further.

Samsung is also pushing ns adoption des 8K TVs, ensuring its flagship QLED annually uses ns ultra-ultra-high resolution, even if die average shopper probably won’t have anything much more than 4K an their sights for now.

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Samsung is so the only TV manufacturer to oase their own, in-house voice assistant, Bixby. That isn’t an especially widely used past a handful von Samsung devices, uneven Amazon’s Alexa AI or google Assistant, provided Bixby’s much less capabilities. However, you will find it installed in the best samsung TVs to allow for voice recognition und navigation von Samsung’s Tizen interface.

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