Due zu the neu decisions über the free State von Bavaria us had kommen sie close our Christmas market from jetzt on start on november 24th.

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We cannot meet any kind of predicitions if we tun können open ours market in the year 2021.

We will publish all nachrichten about a possible re-opening here and on society media.

If you oase purchased fahrkarte online in our pre-sale, you kann choose bolzen follwing options.

1. All fahrkarte will be valid bei the following year.

2. It zu sein possible kommen sie get a refund by paying 1.80 € taking care of fee von ticket. Zum more informations, please note our terms ond conditions. If freundin want zu do so, please send us in e-mail with your booking ID, her name and the date of purchase kommen sie [email protected]

We are delighted zu meet you again soon! until then: continue to be healthy and safe!

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Ratings von our visitors:

Helmbrecht- Hehl , Sep 5, 2018

Just beautiful! great ambience! ich always gain coming here!

Monika holzgarten , Jun 20, 2018

A very nice medieval Christmas market. Bei the evening the atmosphere is the many beautiful!

Theresa Worley , Feb 22, 2018

A very nice Christmas market bei the lock courtyard! there are plenty of stalls und it is great prepared. However, i personally think that die entry fee zu sein a bit auch high. However once a year, you kann already go!

Rosi Trapp , Feb 15, 2018

This Christmas market ist really romantic and a bit various than die usual markets. It is deshalb very fine secured. You nur feel good. Yet it prices entry fee. The value weil das money ist right. In general, Regensburg zu sein a good city. Always worth a visit.

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*Please consider:

The organiser von the’Romantic Christmas Market weist Thurn and Taxis Castle’- the Veranstaltungsservice peter Kittel GmbH- reserves die right zu changes due to ns Covid- 19 situation. These alters comply with die hygiene directives at the time des the Christmas market.

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Schloss Thurn und Taxis

Emmeramspl. 5

93047 Regensburg

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