Weber gasgrill spirit e-310 classic

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Performance: outstanding temperature control und quick finding out curve

Unlike ns original Weber Spirit, die Weber Spirit ii E-310 gas Grill features a GS4 Grilling System. This consists of what die company call “infinity ignition,” definition it have to ignite every time, “high performance burners,” which ensure an even heating surface, “porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars,” designed to catch drippings and mitigate flare-ups, und a “grease monitoring system,” which should streamline cleaning.

We discovered that the grill boasts a heavy ignition. It lit best up weil das us v no hassle and got very hot very quickly. We’re talking just a few minute to acquire up to 500 degrees. And it heats very evenly across the board, auch (high performance burners, indeed!).

There wasn’t viel of a learning curve. After adding nur a wenig oil, die grill grates to be perfectly seasoned, which us weren’t expecting. Whether it was burgers, warm dogs, or veggies, nur about everything we threw top top this grill come out together desired.

This grill lit appropriate up zum us through no hassle and got very hot exceptionally quickly. We’re talking nur a few minutes to gain up kommen sie 500 degrees.

While we’d liebe to take credit, we owe our newfound grill skills to die Weber spirit II’s specific temperature control. Ns grill held an even temperature (visible via ns built-in lid thermometer) on low while using just one burner. Quite impressive zum its size.

The reversible grill key are bei awesome inclusion. Special on one side and thinner on ns other, castle allow much more flexibility in cooking technique. We found that the thinner side was ideal for making dishes that required a much more delicate touch, while the wider side functioned well zum thick, hearty meats such as steak.

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Packaging: every little thing included however slightly confusing

When we zuerst opened ns boxes that contained ns parts to our neu Weber grill, we were a bit confused. Die instructions contain die info on multiple models of the Spirit II, und it wasn’t clean what specifically our boxes need to contain. We spent fairly a if digging around zum pieces we thought have to be bei our boxes prior to we realized that we didn’t need one of the hardware bags listed on the instructions.

We deshalb had some problems with ns included gas hose und regulator. Wie we turned on die gas, there was a leak where the regulator meets ns hose, request a run to die hardware store kommen sie replace ns part.

Other 보다 that, die packaging zum this Weber grill was solid. Everything was contained in one big box, and it took 2 people to lift und carry ns package kommen sie our desired setup location.

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Setup Process: Easy kommen sie put together, even for your median Joe

The basic assembly des the Weber Spirit ii E-310 is one von its strongest selling points; it just took united state about an hour kommen sie put with each other after it was unboxed. There are around ten or dafür main pieces, and they easily fit together much like ns instructions zustand they should.

It took about ten steps zu completely assemble die grill. We provided a stärke drill zu help rate it up, but this zu sein certainly notfall a requirement. Over there are so video instructions accessible if you get stuck, but we didn’t require them; the manual was enough.

Design: Sleek und modern yet slightly flawed

The Weber Spirit ii E-310 no designed zu look favor your typical grill; the comes with four color options weil das the hood, deshalb you kann sein spice things up with a bright red or sapphire hood or store it standard with black.

The grill surface is made of three porcelain-enameled, cast iron food preparation grates, which are durable and easy zu clean many thanks to the grease administration system, i m sorry funnels drippings right into a removable tray.

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The main burners verpacktem a whopping 30,000 BTU-per-hour input. Also with that amount des heat, we experienced very few flare-ups—probably because von the flavorizer bars—which retained anything we were cooking from getting charred über accident. 

The easy-to-read fuel gauge is an unusual however welcome function that makes this grill viel easier zum novices zu navigate.

There are also two next tables weil das prep work—one of which wrinkle down to conserve space—as well together a warming rack that aided us keep things at die right temperature while us finished trost other food.

The Weber Spirit ii E-310’s compact dimension made it easy zum us to rechts it in tight spaces on our deck, yet it still offered a huge enough surface ar to koch for our family des five. Die one downside des the smaller, more compact size ist that ns hood isn’t together deep together it is on other Weber models, but that shouldn’t be a hindrance unless you’re plan on cooking a large hunk von meat.

This grill is also lightweight und easy zu move thanks kommen sie its two wheels, but die construction still feels solid; we’re confident it would hold up to years von regular use.

There room a couple of entwurf areas where ns Weber Spirit ii E-310 zu sein lacking, though. The three burners are enough weil das a klein family yet perhaps not zum larger groups or parties. Over there is also no side burner, which is a bummer since it limits your ability zu multitask with various dishes at the same time.

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Fuel Type: flüssig propane

The 20-pound propane gas tank (sold separately) mounts to the outside von the grill underneath the storage arms. This provides it easy zu remove and replace, however it’s notfall exactly aesthetically pleasing. It may seem like nitpicking, but ns rest of the grill is so sleek the having die propane tank visible really draws ns eye far from the kühl elements von the grill. 

However, ns easy-to-read fuel gauge located next zu the gas tank helps make up weil das the less-than-attractive tank presentation. Us were able zu easily check how viel fuel was left in the tank through a rapid inspection. The a welcome feature that provides this grill viel easier weil das novices kommen sie navigate.

Features: Ten-year warranty, iGrill 3-compatible

Beyond the open cart design, multiple shade options, and space-saving size, this grill is so compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3, a grilling thermometer v Bluetooth i m sorry you kann connect kommen sie your smart phone zum alerts as sie grill. Though the high-tech accessory isn’t included with this grill, we choose that we have the möglichkeit to invest an the maker down die road.

There’s also a spider prevention screen to keep eight-legged friends from creeping into your grill. However this grill’s ideal feature ist probably ns unheard-of ten-year warranty—excluding normal wear und tear, von course.

Price: an investment

The MSRP zum this Weber grill ist $538. Expect kommen sie pay about $500 or dafür unless you kann sein find it on sale. Your typical entry-level backyard three-burner propane grill retails weil das somewhere between $100 to $400, dafür the Weber Spirit ii E-310 is on the higher ende of the price range.

Competition: A standout among solid contenders

There space a handful des grills with comparable features to die Weber Spirit ii E-310, including the Master kochen Classic smart Space living 3 Burner LP gas Grill. Like ns Weber grill us reviewed, this Master koch model functions three burners, foldable side tables, und porcelain-enameled grates, but die Master koch retails weil das significantly much less than die Weber. You tun können find ns Master kochen for under $200 online.

But, while die Master koch will cost freundin less, you’d have to trade bei some von the kühl Weber features, like ns thick, reversible grill plates, the Weber iGrill 3-compatibility, und the easy-to-read fuel gauge, zu save some dough.

Another option zu sein the Char-Broil standard 3-Burner gas Grill, which is, together the name implies, a no-frills, three-burner grill fueled über propane. Together with ns Master koch 3-Burner und the Weber Spirit ii E-310, the Char-Broil model has porcelain-coated grates—but again, this aren’t reversible grates like sie get with die Weber. The a compact grill, yet it has almost no bells or whistles, and the entwurf isn’t almost as eye-catching as die Weber. Still, zum the price—you can find the Char-Broil classic 360 zum under $150—it’s a hard competitor.

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Worth ns splurge

The Weber Spirit ii E-310 gas Grill leben up to the brand’s reputation zum quality. Impressive temperature regulate and bei even heating surface results an perfectly cook food, and a sleek, compact entwurf is attractive und saves space. It might be on ns pricey side, however its worth (and ten-year warranty!) do it worth ns splurge.