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Making ns Web easily accessible

Strategies, standards, und supporting resources kommen sie help sie make ns Web much more accessible kommen sie people through disabilities.

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The world Wide net Consortium (bethlsim.comC) develops international standards zum the Web: HTML, CSS, and many more.


The bethlsim.comC internet Accessibility initiative (WAI) creates standards und support materials zu help freundin understand und implement accessibility.


You can use bethlsim.comC WAI resources kommen sie make your websites, applications, und other digital creations more accessible and usable zu everyone.


RTC accessibility User requirements (RAUR) grad Published

RTC ease of access User demands (RAUR) ist published as a Working group Note. Real-time communication (RTC) offers real-time kollege to gleich audio, video, and data exchange directly bolzen supported user agents. This allows instantaneous applications for video and audio calls, text chat, file exchange, display screen sharing, and gaming. RAUR defines various accessibility related user needs, requirements, and scenarios zum real-time communication (RTC) applications. This user needs should drive ease of access requirements in various related specifications und the overall architecture that permits RTC.

Accessibility Translations: Getting the "Global" in GAAD

All WAI Translations now lists translations bei 35 languages. Thanks to ns translators. (If sie know anyone who could be interested an contributing to more accessibility translations, please suggest them to: Translating WAI Resources)

For Review: Specification for Spoken Presentation bei HTML

Specification zum Spoken Presentation an HTML working Draft is ready zum review. This document ist part of bethlsim.comC arbeit on pronunciation to provide normative specifications and best methods guidance deshalb that text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis can properly express HTML content. This breeze specification defines two possible technical approaches zum author-controlled pronunciation. bethlsim.comC zu sein seeking much more input on these approaches, particularly from content authors and implementors. You re welcome send comments über 18 June 2021.

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For broad Review: WCAG 2.2 functioning Draft

WCAG 2.2 functioning Draft ist ready broad review before finalizing WCAG 2.2. This draft has 9 neu “success criteria” (requirements) since WCAG 2.1. The new success criteria and changes since the previous 2.2 draft are introduced an What"s New in WCAG 2.2. The new success criteria address user needs des people through cognitive or finding out disabilities, users von mobile devices, and users of ebooks. Please submit comments von 11 June 2021.

Making content Usable for People through Cognitive and Learning Disabilities - klasse Published

Making content Usable weil das People with Cognitive und Learning Disabilities ist a Working gruppe Note the helps you make web content, consisting of applications, more accessible zu more people. It provides informative "supplemental guidance" beyond the requirements of WCAG 2. It is not required weil das conformance to WCAG. To learn about this document and other bethlsim.comC work on accessibility zum people v cognitive and learning disabilities, see: Cognitive Accessibility weist bethlsim.comC.

Updated Resource: Curricula on net Accessibility

New Developer Modules are jetzt published in the Curricula on internet Accessibility. This curricula gives a framework weil das creating process on digital accessibility, weil das including accessibility in other courses, and for reviewing existing and proposed courses. The March 2021 publication includes: to update guidance an the Curricula rundown page, updated foundation Modules, und new Developer Modules. The neu modules focus on obtainable markup and coding techniques, primarily zum teaching front-end developers. Ns next modules will cover designing and authoring accessible digital content.

WCAG 2.1 in Polish: Authorized translate in Published

Wytyczne dla dostępności treści internetowych (WCAG) 2.1, the Polish Authorized Translation des Web inhalt Accessibility accuse (WCAG) 2.1, is now available, adhering to completion von the bethlsim.comC Authorized Translations process. Other translations von WAI resources are listed in All WAI Translations. WAI motivates translations in all languages. If freundin might be interesting in translating resources, see Translating WAI Resources.

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maintain Course: Digital accessibility Foundations

The cost-free "Introduction to Web Accessibility" online kurse provides the foundation sie need kommen sie make her digital modern technology accessible. It"s draft for:

technical and non-technical learner developers, designers, ux, writers, managers, supporters professionals, instructors, college student

Captions are die audio information in text that zu sein synchronized with die audio und visual content. Captions are called "subtitles" bei some regions.

Video Captions space essential zum people with disabilities und benefit everyone in a variety of situations.

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Featured Resource: making Audio and Video Media accessible

This media resource helps sie understand and create captions/subtitles, audio description von visual information, descriptive transcripts, and sign language weil das media. It introduce user experiences and benefits zu organizations.