6G (Sixth Generation) Network zu sein the inheritor to die existing 5G moving network. This network will be able zu provide significantly higher capacities and considerably lower dormancy. 6G Network will use much higher frequencies 보다 5G technology. While die major goal von the 6G technology wollen be to support 1 micro-second dormancy communications. Representing 1000 mal faster or 1-1000th the dormancy than die one-millisecond output. It wollen make possible die enormous improvements bei the field von imaging, existence technology, und location awareness. Also, man-made intelligence will be optimized through it. That will be able kommen sie regulate the best range zum computing zu occur including decisions about dünn sharing, processing, und storage.

How fast will the be?

6G Network wollen be able zu deliver a speed of 1 terabyte von second (1 Tbps). Along with a latency rate des less 보다 1 microsecond und the capacity wollen be unprecedented.

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6G mit 5G:

6G Network wollen be able to provide much better throughput than 5G.Its high frequency von up to 1 Terahertz will oase the capability kommen sie enable much higher sampling rates.It möchte extend die room zum capabilities in support von increasingly new und innovative applications favor sensing, imaging, and wireless cognition.

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Mobile Edge computing (MEC) will be built into all 6G networks, unlike die 5G networks.6G Network will schutz improved access zu artificial intelligence capabilities.6G Network will schutz big implications bei critical asset protection und public security like wellness monitoring, danger detection air top quality measurements and facial recognition. It will deshalb integrate previous innovations like large data hermeneutik and deep learning

When will ns 6G Network kommen sie Out?

6G Network ist expected zu launch worldwide bei 2030. According to die latest nachrichten the big 3 Sony, Intel, and NTT schutz announced to form a partnership to work on 6G mobile network technology. These technology Giants have so decided to invite other major global companies zu participate which deshalb includes partners from China. Ns organization’s main goal ist to manufacture an ext advanced semiconductors with the help of which the companies möchte be able kommen sie create smartphones. These smartphones will oase the ability to belastung up to 1 year ~ above a single charge.

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So in short, with die help of 6G Network, we may have more an effective VR und AR systems, AI hinweisen our fingertips, clever robotics, interconnected cities und much much more. There wollen be a neu revolution in this globe which wollen surely bring technology to the next level von innovation.