Was muss man in berlin machen

What are the best activities an Berlin? the metropolis on die Spree attractive thousands von visitors every year. And not without reason. An the dazzling German capital, civilization from plenty of countries des the world live. One of two people they to be born here, moved in or top top a visit. Zum everyone, over there is in endless amount von leisure time in the multicultural city.

Du schaust: Was muss man in berlin machen

If freundin really want to experience Berlin, sie should also look away from die typical sights. Yet what room the insider tips for Berlin? i m sorry corners in Berlin are die most popular? This article lists plenty of places und activities the every true krapfen knows. Every neighborhood or visitor should schutz tried it hinweisen least once an their lifetime.

Let’s take a watch at the great things to do, favorites, and tourist hotspots in Berlin.

1Dine on ns TV tower bei the revolving restaurant

In the dome of the berlin TV tower is a revolving restaurant weil das a 360 degree panoramic view

Anyone staying in the city should do it once. What? watch at berlin from above und that from the TV tower. Ns 368 meter high structure on Alexanderplatz supplies a splendid view von Germany’s capital. Due to the fact that its opening in 1968, visitors have been queuing up. Bei elevator will bring freundin upstairs. A restaurant offers delicious food.

2Berlin youth: splitterpartei on the RAW site

Pubs, beer gardens, concerts: ns RAW site in Friedrichshain

Especially among young people, die pubs, beer gardens, concert halls and live clubs on the RAW site in Friedrichshain room popular. Tourists from every over the world do a trip to ns iconic 70,000 square meter area.

During the day, freundin will deshalb find plenty des offers weil das activities such together a climbing und a skating hall. There are assorted food markets, an open waiting cinema und even a club v swimming pool. On warme summer nights splitterpartei mood prevails until the early morning hours.

Der Cassiopeia Nachtclub mit Subkulturflair & Livemusikprogramm auf dem life Gelände

3Visit Festival of Lights

The berliner Dom during ns Festival von Lights

Every year an October, the Festival des Lights enchants thousands of Berliners und non-Berliners. For several days many well-known structures shine an the many beautiful colors and sometimes in spectacular patterns.

4Mit kommen sie schnellsten Fahrstuhl europas fahren

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

In 20 seconds, die fastest elevator in Europe take away you zu one des the most modern-day buildings on Potsdamer setzt – the Kollhoff Tower. From over there you have a magnificent check out over Berlin. And there is also something zu eat und drink bei the Café.So it tun können live! If you are ever at potsdamer Platz, sie should also look at ns other modern buildings.

Potsdamer Platz, which was no-man’s-land during the GDR era, was redesigned an the so late 1990s. Imposing ist above all ns Sony Center. However Potsdamer platz has more to offer. Film fans are drawn to die Filmmuseum and the Boulevard of Stars, the berlin counterpart to the Walk of Fame. Youngsters should it is in interested in the Legoland discovery Center. The potsdam arcades invite you to go shopping.

5Take images of berlin from ns Funkturm

The radio tower is lovingly dubbed the lange Lulatsch by the Berliners

Granted, the reminds a bit on ns Eiffel Tower, but the lange Lulatsch, as he ist called in the berlin vernacular, ist a real Berliner. It was built in 1926 on die occasion des the third radio exhibition. It is 146.7 meters high und offers beautiful views of our city. Following door are the exhibition halls, wherein the radio exhibition blieb takes location every year in August or September.

6Take die subway convertible v Berlin’s underground

The U-Bahn-Cabrio in Berlin Foto: Wikimedia

The U-Bahn-Cabrio looks like a rollercoaster in the hollywood movie park. Yet this time die tour leads through the berlin Underground. Top top this most unusual sightseeing reisen through Berlin, guests travel zum two hrs along the metro lines. The special thing is that ns train has actually no roof. Die routes space lit only weil das the tour and at each station sie get a installation story told. Start and end von the convertible tour ist the underground station deutsche Oper bei the district von Charlottenburg.

7Celebrate on ns Admiralbrücke

There’s nothing choose a balmy summer evening on die Admiralbrücke in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Ns infamous splitterpartei Bridge ist one von the most popular and hip haunts zum hipsters and also tourists. Through a beer from Späti an hand you kann sein listen to the latest songs des young musicians.

When the sun sink over ns Landwehrkanal, in unforgettable sense of urban romance spreads. If freundin want zu stay longer, you kann order one von the ideal pizzas in Berlin hinweisen Il Casolare. Ns Italian restaurant delivers to the bridge, but ns order takes punkt least in hour.

8Take a außerhalb des spiels with ns 100er bus

The 100er bus an Berlin cd driver past the most famous sights

A visit tour of the 100er bus is a must und cheap (for the price von a normalerweise ticket). Die 100er bus runs from die zoo kommen sie Alexanderplatz und passes über the most popular and well-known attractions. Success Column, Reichstag, Tiergarten, darunter den Linden, ns 200er bus runs almost ns same route, only it deshalb passes the potsdamer Platz und ends at Volkspark Friedrichshain.

9Visit die largest dinosaur in the world, an the Natural history Museum


The Brachiosaur Brancai ist the biggest dinosaur in the world, hinweisen least what was left of ihm – his skeleton. But the Museum des Natural History, as it zu sein officially called, has even more to offer than dinosaur skeletons: the history des evolution, stuffed animals, astronomy to ns sounds von famous composers, minerals, fish und reptiles. Visiting this museum ist not just zum scientists, but for the whole family.

10Try Currywurst

Currywurst, one von the many popular berlin specialties – Photo: Pixabay

Eating Currywurst zu sein a should if you are bei Berlin. Ns “national dish” von the Berliners was created for the first time in 1949 by Herta Heuwer in the ar Charlottenburg. There are numerous Currywurst stalls an Berlin. Ns best known zu sein Konnopke’s snack bar an the Schönhauser Allee in the district von Prenzlauer Berg. Die popular snack riegel has been approximately since 1930. Curry 36 on die Mehringdamm is so famous.

11Shopping bei KaDeWe


The KaDeWe (Department Store von the West) is the biggest department keep on die European continent. Die shopping sky on Tauentzienstraße has actually been attracting visitors because 1907. I admit, it is not cheap to geschäft there, but only a stroll through the KaDeWe is in experience you wollen never forget. My tip: die food section on ns sixth floor serves delicacies from every over ns world.

12Boat expedition on die Spree


The finest way zu explore historic berlin is on a boat trip top top the river Spree. Popular ist the leg ride on the Landwehrkanal und the Spree, i beg your pardon crosses die city. Die ships pass plenty of well-known historic buildings, such as the berlin Cathedral and the Reichstag. You will deshalb get zu know the new government structures that were developed around ns turn von the millennium during the journey.

13Visit ns graves des famous Berliners in the Dorotheenstädtische cemetery

The tomb of karl Friedrich Schinkel Photo: by Anah aus New york Link

At ns Dorotheenstädtische cemetery you möchte find many famous Berliners. The list of prominent and great Berliners who have been buried here zu sein endless. Ernst Litfaß, who invented the Litfaßsäule, karl Friedrich Schinkel, who was probably Berlin’s best-known architect, und Gottfried Schadow, who created ns Quadriga top top the brandenburg Gate, are but a couple of names.

The cemetery was built in 1762. Weist that time the was blieb at die gates von Berlin, since it was forbidden kommen sie bury the tot within ns city. Bertolt Brecht und Helene Weigel lived und worked in the residence next door. Ns house is a memorial und can it is in visited.

14Explore ns Tiergarten


The Tiergarten ist the biggest park an Berlin and comparable zu Central Park bei New York and Hyde Park in London. He was a former hunting ground des the elector – hence ns name. There are three jene that you should certainly do there: rowing, hearne to die carillon, und wandering roughly the gas lantern museum. When die weather ist nice, ich recommend kommen sie discover the Tiergarten with the rowboat. Ns boat rental zu sein located top top the new Lake.

Every Sunday afternoon weist 3:00 pm the Carillon, a carillon, zu sein heard. It is located near ns House of Cultures, also called Pregnant Oyster. Bei the evening, there is nothing much more romantic than walking around an the gas lantern museum. The gas Lantern Museum has a historic collection of gas lanterns from all over Europe and is free.

15Take die ferry native Wannsee to Kladow


During the division of berlin was ns Wannsee, a famous destination von West Berlin. Even today he has lost nothing des his popularity. Plenty of excursion boats anfang from die pier. A renowned ride ist the ferry F10 to Kladow, a chic suburb an Spandau. The tour lasts around 20 minutes – sie pay ns price for a normal ticket.

During ns trip, you will pass über Strandbad Wannsee, to which Berliners have flocked since 1907. Bei Kladow there are an excellent opportunities kommen sie eat and drink and to watch watercrafts swinging dreamily in the harbor. Freundin can deshalb take a quite hike zu Sacrow, known zum its church. In GDR times, it was inaccessible.

16Drive with the city on the Ringbahn


The S-Bahn lines S41 and S42 deshalb called Ringbahn, run within die city. During ns approx. Ns 60-minute reisen you drive through the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg, v Neukölln and Wedding, i m sorry are coming to be increasingly popular, lakers the radio tower und the new “Tempelhofer Freiheit” park, which is located on die former Tempelhofer Feld airport.

17Visit ns Nefertiti on Museum Island


The new Museum houses ns bust von Nefertiti. Ns beautiful Egyptian attracts thousands von visitors every year. Other exciting museums top top Museum island are die Alte Museum (Greek und Roman Art, Coins), ns Pergamon Museum (Oriental Art), ns Old national Gallery (19th century paintings) and the Bode Museum (Museum of Byzantine Art, Coin repertoire sculptures)

18Learn all around the berlin Wall weist the berlin Wall Memorial


If you want to know die history des the Wall, you should not fehlschlagen this place. Here sie will not only find bei original piece of the berlin Wall, but also information boards in German and English, in observation tower and a documentation center. Bei the Reconciliation Chapel, every day punkt 12 o’clock a devotional service zu sein held for the wall tot people. Deshalb around the Bernauer straße you wollen find a lot of informative and interesting information about die history von the Wall.

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19Admire Berlin’s history at the Red town Hall


The berlin city hall deshalb called Rotes rathaus was opened in 1868. Here sits ns Governing Mayor und his Senate. The benennen Red town Hall ist derived from the bricks from which it is built. A frieze decorates ns town hall, ~ above this frieze you kann sein study Berlin’s history until die mid-19th century.

20Take a to walk on the Tempelhof field


Tempelhof Airport was closed bei 2008. The former passage was opened bei 2010 together a park. Here you kann enjoy not only running and the unique width, but also skating, dragon flying, barbecue und much more. Countless interesting events take place during the year.

21Take the park railway through die Wuhlheide

A tour with die steam train through die Wuhlheide expenses 4 Euros – Photo: Wikimedia

In ns greenest district of Berlin in Treptow-Köpenick, lies die Wuhlheide, which offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. I recommend you to explore die Wuhlheide v the park railway, the children und young people volunteer. Ns leisure zentral FEZ is a paradise zum children.

22Walk top top overgrown tracks in the freight yard in Pankow

The previous freight yard in Pankow is a an excellent photo possibility Photo: Wikipedia

Once ~ above a time here was a marshalling yard. Now you tun können walk on brutal tracks, admire in ancient locomotive, excellent a turnstile und other remnants of the heavy steam locomotive era. The landmark, bei old water tower, kann sein be checked out from afar.

23Take die tram 68 v Köpenick

From christen Liebscher (Platte) – privatgelände Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Köpenick zu sein the greenest district bei Berlin. Take a ride on the tram 68 from ns Köpenick S-Bahn station zu Schmöckwitz zu get zu know Berlin’s greenest district. The bank railway, together it is so called, passes, among other things, die castle Köpenick and the regatta kurse Grünau.

24Enjoy die Britzer Gartenn

The Britzer garten is one of the many beautiful parks bei Berlin

One of the most beautiful parks in Berlin ist the Britzer Garten. In 1985, the Federal Garden show took location here. It created a versatile park with lawns, lakes, streams und theme gardens. During ns good season over there are continual events. Specifically popular are die Fire Flowers and Classical Open-Air Concert an August und the tulipan exhibitions bei spring and dahlia fires in autumn. Have fun with a drive on the park railway through ns area. There room plenty von opportunities kommen sie stop off.

25Try berliner Weisse bei a beere garden


Berlin’s oldest beere garden ist the Prater an Prenzlauer Berg. He was founded an 1837. There are so many events here. The berliner Weisse zu sein a wheat beer that zu sein drunk with a dash von raspberry or woodruff syrup. It zu sein especially very delicious on warm days. Berlin has not only beer gardens, but also beach bars. End the day on a warme summer evening an a beach riegel is in unforgettable experience.

26Visit die night animal house in the zoo

The taste entrance of the berlin zoo

The berlin Zoo ist the most species-rich zoo in the world und the oldest bei Germany. It has been approximately since 1844. Apart from monkeys, lions, elephants and Co. Sie can so observe exotic animals in the night pet house, which zu sein located an the basement von the Predator House. Bei the dark, you can see miscellaneous animals, which in the evening, wie man all die visitors oase left the zoo, ns lights are turned on, die animals climate sleep. It zu sein a little bit different bei the night pet house 보다 with humans humans.

27Visit the neu Synagogue zentral Judicaium

The neu Synagogue in the district of Mitte

The New Synagogue in the district of Mitte ist the eye-catcher bei the Oranienburger Straße, one von the most renowned streets bei Berlin. Return the new Synagogue des 1866 survived die pogrom night von 1933, it was destroyed during ns Second world War. Ns restored building zu sein now referred to as Centrum Judaicum is now an information center und houses an exhibition on die history of the synagogue.

28Have a picnic at ns Fairy story fountain in Volkspark Friedrichshain

The fairy story fountain in Volkspark Friedrichshain – Source: Wikipedia

Not only zum children, but this verführerisch fountain is also popular on i beg your pardon fairy tale personalities frolicking by the brothers Grimm. The fountain was laid out in 1911/13 by Ludwig Hoffmann. Other attractions in Volkspark Friedrichshain room Mount Klamott, a rubble mountain, which was sung von the eis Silly, and the cemetery des March fallen, whereby the dead of the rebellion of 1848 discovered their belastung rest. Von the way! ns Volkspark Friedrichshain ist the earliest public park in Berlin. It was built in 1846 as the erste municipal eco-friendly area bei Berlin.

29Walk on the traces of heinrich Zille in the Nikolaiviertel


The earliest district of berlin is popular bei all seasons. An winter, countless cute restaurants and cafés are inviting to warm up. In summer freundin sit outside und enjoy in ice cream or a beer. Already heinrich Zille took pleasure in his beer in the walnut tree, the oldest pub bei Berlin. But notfall only culinary delights oase the Nikolaiviertel zu offer. You kann learn more about heinrich Zille, his life and his work in a museum dedicated kommen sie him.


The garlic house has in original Biedermann decor. Or how about the hemp museum? ns Nikolaikirche ist the earliest church in Berlin. It was started roughly 1230 and rebuilt number of times. Ns towers were added in 1878. There are no church dienstleistungen going on in the church today. It zu sein used together a museum. You can so go shopping an the Nikolaiviertel an the small attraktiv shops.

30Stroll on ns Kurfürstendamm and drink coffee in Café Kranzler

Café Kranzler in Berlin – Foto: Bigstock

Who does not know him, die Kurfürstendamm? This elegant boulevard teems through shops, restaurants and cafés. The most famous ist probably the Café Kranzler, which has been located here since 1958. Once there under the red-white awning. Ns former Knüppeldamm, ~ above which the electors speak to die hunting lodge Grünewald, was expanded into a splendid boulevard punkt the end of the 19th century.

31Listen to die bells von the kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


Let you yourself be enchanted by the bells von the most famed church an Berlin. The kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church or Gedächtniskirche was built in 1895 und destroyed in World war II except weil das the tower. That made her a symbol of berlin – a landmark versus war! A neu church and a neu tower gott the Memorial Church bei the beforehand 1960s.

32See berlin from over from the Reichstag dome


A visit to die Reichstag and the grand dome ist a must during your visit kommen sie Berlin. Ns spectacular dome was designed über Sir Norman Foster and added in 1999. Indigenous there, you kann capture an excellent views of the resources with her camera. Ns Reichstag was built in 1884-1894 by Paul Wallot. Die inscription “The German People” was added bei 1916.

33Take a trip to the Pfaueninsel and explore die Havelchaussee by bus 218


A wenig paradise is in the Havel. There are no cars und no restaurant on Peacock Island; just nature, a couple of buildings and of prozess the peacocks. Known ist the klein white castle, which was built at the ende of die 18th century.

You tun können reach die peacock island with a ferry. Ns pier kann be reached with the 218 bus, ns historic bus goes along die Havelchaussee. During his journey he passes the Grunewald und passes picturesque bays that invite you to swim on warm days. You kann get off at individual stations and explore an ext specific places. You can climb die Grunewald Tower or visit ns mysterious cemetery (Grunewald woodland Cemetery), where suicides found their belastung resting place.

34Following in the footsteps of Berlin’s most famous football club Hertha BSC in the Olympic Stadium


“Hahohe Hertha BSC” roars ns fans in the well-attended Olympic Stadium. It ist Saturday afternoon and Hertha has actually a home game. An 1892, die darling des the berlin was founded. Today, Hertha ist based in the Olympic Stadium. An 1936 die stadium was built zum the Olympic Games. In 2006, ns stadium was rebuilt for the world Cup. Various other attractions include die 77m high bell tower, i m sorry you kann sein climb and the sports museum.

35 Visit the Charlottenburg Palace


The Charlottenburg royal residence gave ns district Charlottenburg that name. Native 1695 that was zum Sophie Charlotte, die wife of the Elector Friedrich III. Built-in the village Lützen. An her honor, Lützen was renamed Charlottenburg. Ns castle tun können be visited. Just as precious seeing as ns castle zu sein the castle park. It was originally created bei 1695. Bei a mausoleum rests die young deceased queen Luise. Various other buildings bei the park are the Belvedere and the new Pavilion. All these buildings kann sein be visited.

36 Explore ns Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin’s most beautiful place


The Gendarmenmarkt zu sein one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The German Cathedral and the French Cathedral were built at the beginning von the 18th century. The twin domes (the Döme) were added in 1785. They provided their name to ns two churches. Ns Konzerthaus (former theater) was built bei 1825 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In front des the theater ist a statue des Friedrich Schiller.

37Watch a show in the Friedrichstadt Palast

Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin Photo: Wikipedia

Visiting a show in the Friedrichstadt Palast is bei experience freundin should not miss. Since 1984 unique performances are taking place punkt this palace in Berlin’s promenade Friedrichstrasse. It is one of Europe’s top revue theaters, one des the many representative features von which is its traditional girls’ series.

38Make a work trip kommen sie Potsdam

Park Sanssouci , Potsdam

If sie are bei Berlin zum longer, you should consider a day trip to Potsdam. The state capital of brandenburg has dafür much zu offer. Most visitors room attracted to Sanssouci Palace and its magnificent castle park. To transform Frederick II. The king had his dream palace, wherein he wanted kommen sie spend carefree days, built an 1744. An additional dream palace zu sein the neu Palace, which was built über the king until 1763.

The historic old town attracts v its newest attractions, the rebuilt castle, where heute meets die parliament des Brandenburg und the great museum Barberini. The alt castle was demolished after World war II, also the Nikolaikirche und the old town hall v the golden Atlas statue are worth seeing.

39Visit the Jewish Museum


Even die architecture des the Jewish Museum zu sein extraordinary. A contemporary building in the form of a broken star of david and in old court-house indigenous 1736 form the ensemble. Within you tun können expect 2000 years of German Jewish history. Die Holocaust Tower ist oppressive und frightening.

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40In ns evening bei Berlin: Celebrate the night bei a club

people weist outdoor club in Berlin hinweisen night

The Simon-Dach Straße bei Friedrichshain zu sein the oberteil address. Here ist one club, bar, restaurant after another. Friedrichshain, Mitte and Kreuzberg are ns hippest areas sie should visit an Berlin if freundin want kommen sie party.