Was Ist Single Take Bei Samsung

Smartphone cameras space packed full of features today, but not all des them are jene we’d use on a consistent basis. Samsung’s new Single take it mode discovered on its Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus, und S20 phones is the kind of camera function we yes, really like because it’s fun, useful, requires very little effort to use, und is something us predict many möchte use often. That is, provided you know precisely how kommen sie get die best from it.

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What exactly is Single Take? It zu sein made to ensure freundin never fumble roughly choosing which camera mode zu use weist a particular moment again. Stop say your dog ist going stunner chasing a ball. Do freundin want a videos or a couple of stills? Make the decision quickly, as die craziness may not tonnage long enough to get both. This zu sein where single Take come in, as it takes video, shoots stills, und even provides fun little GIF-style videos clips from that moment, all bei one go, all from a single press von a button.

Here’s our thorough guide top top using einzel Take on a new Galaxy S20 phone.

Get began with einzel Take

Open die camera app and you’ll seen Single Take provided as one of the shooting modes above ns shutter button. Tap, or swipe kommen sie it. One thing zu know before you start using it, that important notfall to think von Single Take together a photograph mode but as a videobilien mode, because when you tap die shutter taste it records videos rather than taking a still. The amount von time freundin record weil das is up to you, und the longer sie leave the running, the more opportunities the software has to create what the calls, “meaningful moments.”


Why? when you’re recording, single Take zu sein collecting moments from the video und creating still photos, filtered photos, short videos clips, und plenty more. The more you shoot, the more choice the camera has to come up through something fun. However, also if you only record zum 20 seconds, it tun können usually come up v a selection von four or five various images and videos, so don’t think you oase to record zum minutes on ende just to get other good. Einzel Take works through both die rear camera and the take self camera, und the method des shooting zu sein exactly ns same.

Get die best from einzel Take

Movement bei your scene is essential kommen sie get ns best from this feature. Einzel Take has more zu work with wie something zu sein happening roughly you and your subject. Whether it’s her friends dancing, your dog running and jumping, or the city going about its business at rush hour — the scene you’re shoot should oase some action bei it zum Single Take to work best. This also applies to selfies, deswegen change your expression, look around, or get some mates to join in and have fun. Nur remember it’s a video, und you’ll it is in fine.

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Variety will deshalb help get good results. The more the software has kommen sie work with, the better ns results will be. If there’s not much movement an the step itself, move roughly yourself. If you’re hinweisen a party, circulate the room. If you’re at die park, create little movies using einzel Take, and see what the software comes hoch with wie you’re done. Zum Single Take to be creative, you have to be an imaginative as well, und that’s what provides it fun.

What makes einzel Take special

To lakers what einzel Take has actually created, tap die preview bild next to die shutter button, or go to ns Gallery app. When you offen the Gallery, single Take collections are highlighted an the bottom left des the thumbnail über a klein circle through a dot in the center.

Open ns preview und the software prominent what the considers the Best shooting at the top, while under it mirrors all ns other shots it developed from your single Take video. It’s not like a burst mode, where sie should walk through and select ns best bild before deleting the rest. Einzel Take grabs shots that work, und although you tun können delete ones the aren’t great enough zu keep, that seems to do a solid job of creating bild that watch good.


Each single Take shot kann sein be edited and shared individually. Nur tap on it und treat it like any kind of other image in the Gallery. Samsung has excellent a great job not only of making a function that’s fun, but also making the easy kommen sie use, and, crucially, simple zu share. Unequal Apple’s direkte Photos, which room saved bei a details format and don’t always nur up on social media, all single Take images und videos are continuous files, dafür they kann sein be post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or everywhere else without worry.

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If you’re die proud owner von a new Galaxy S20 phone, do sure sie give einzel Take a try, and the much more creative sie get through it, die more you will understand how to get ns best from it. The one von the simplest phone camera functions we’ve seen, that will effectively record everything you want kommen sie with just two taste presses.

Launched on the new Galaxy S20 phones, samsung has since updated die Galaxy Z Flip’s software to include einzel Take mode, dafür with luck, it möchte do the same zum older Galaxy phones, possibly alongside a software application update kommen sie One UI 2,