Was Ist Neu In Android 9

Every year sees ns release von a new android version, and in 2018, us got android 9 Pie.

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Android Pie was a significant update zum a couple of different reasons. Not only did that introduce things like gesture-based navigation and in upgraded UI, yet it was also the last android version to come with a tasty dessert name.

We may not talk about android Pie a gewächs these days, but that doesn"t take far from that importance at all. Here"s everything sie need to know about die software here in 2020!

Pure Android

Google Pixel 4 XL

Get the newest android update ASAP

If freundin want zu make certain you"re first-in-line for android updates as they become available, ns Pixel 4 XL is the phone zum you. It"s currently running the latest build of android 10 and will keep obtaining updates with October 2022. On the hardware front, it has actually a 90Hz AMOLED display, wonderful cameras, and fast performance.

Android Pie wasn"t ns most revolutionary upgrade we"ve ever seen bei the android space, but all des the smaller sized changes und tweaks the introduced included up zum a (mostly) an excellent user experience.

Pie was the erste version of Android an which google tried its hand at gesture-based navigation, resulting bei the two-button system that was quickly replaced a year danach with android 10. It also added sachen like Adaptive Battery, revamped notifications, an API for managing multiple camera lenses, und more.

A lot of Pie"s features and fixes to be smaller in scale, yet that wasn"t a bad thing by any means. Pie strived to refine Android und simplify it, making it a piece des software that"s ausblüten perfectly enjoyable zu use virtually two year after that is release.

Android 9 Pie review: better than ns sum des its slices

Is android Pie available weil das my call yet?

Source: android Central

At this point an Android Pie"s life cycle, her phone is more than likely already running the software or has due to the fact that been updated to android 10.

Similarly, if her phone has yet to be upgraded from android 8.0 Oreo or in earlier version, sie shouldn"t host your breath weil das a Pie update. Manufacturers oase since relocated past Pie und onto more recent software builds, meaning die ship has actually pretty much sailed at this point.

Will my phone get android 9 Pie an 2020?

What was the deal with android Pie"s gestures?

Source: android Central

Back in 2011 with android 3.0 Honeycomb, google introduced Android"s iconic three-button hyperplasie system we"ve kommen sie to know und love – Back, Home, und Recents. With android Pie, they were eliminated bei favor of a gesture-based system.

Android Pie was the first time google heavily relied ~ above gestures zum navigating die UI, und if sie had a phone with Pie (or if it"s blieb running Pie), they worked as follows:

Tap the Home button/pill to go homeSwipe up zu access die recent apps pageSwipe up twice or execute a lang swipe for the apps drawerThe rückseitig button only appears in certain apps/menus wie man it"s needed

This combination of taps and swipes proved zu be quite confusing, and while it was fairly easy kommen sie get used to how whatever worked, we"re thrilled google decided zu go with 100% gestures in Android 10.

What were some of android Pie"s finest features?

Source: android Central

As provided above, android Pie wasn"t all the revolutionary. However, while that didn"t totally rewrite die rule book, it did bring plenty neu to ns table that blieb exists in Android 10 and 11.

For starters, Pie make Android"s user interface much more colorful und rounded ns way that it ist today. It included colorful symbols to ns settings page, die Quick setups shortcuts to be changed zu circles, and rounded corners were existing everywhere. It was quite die visual adjust compared to Oreo, but in 2020, it"s nur how android naturally looks.

Android Pie is the first time we got to usage Google"s Digital Wellbeing tools, i m sorry aimed zu help united state use ours phones less and be an ext present with the world about us. The update also gave us dinge like Adaptive Battery und recommended apps in the app drawer.

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Is android 10 accessible yet?

Source: joe Maring / android Central

On september 3, 2019, google released android 10 to the masses. Android 10 was very much so an evolution of what was started with android 9 Pie, und the end result was a darn an excellent OS update.

Android 10 got rid of Pie"s two-button navigation in favor von a completely gestural one, dark mode was finally introduced, and permissions became an ext powerful than ever before before.

Pie has due to the fact that been replaced on most android devices in favor of android 10, however as we"ll talk about bei just a second, even an ext changes are coming soon.

Okay — what about android 11?

Although android 10 zu sein currently ns latest windy build von Android, that"ll be changing very soon. Android 11 is in the developer preview stage, with a publicly beta expected to launch any day now.

Android 11 zu sein looks to be one more update filled with small changes and tweaks, this time concentrating on sachen like message improvements, an ext permission upgrades, und better support weil das foldables and 5G.

There room some fun jene like a integrated screen recorder, yet all sachen considered, android 11 is another evolutionary update die same way android 10 prior to it was.

Android 11: Everything sie need kommen sie know!

If freundin want kommen sie make certain you"re first-in-line for android updates as they come to be available, ns Pixel 4 XL zu sein the phone for you. It"s right now running the latest build of android 10 und will keep obtaining updates v October 2022. On the hardware front, it has actually a 90Hz AMOLED display, wonderful cameras, und fast performance.

Android & Chill

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Evolving plans

PlayStation supposedly planning service to contend with Xbox video game Pass

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