Was Ist Mit Michael Schumacher 2016

michael Schumacher"s direktor expressed ns "continued support and patience" being readily available to ns stricken Formula One star. "We have to hope the with continued support und patience he möchte one day be rückseitig with us," Sabine Kehm said. An December 2016 she included Schumacher"s health "is notfall a public issue."

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the seven-time Formula One champion was hospitalized December 29 after enduring "severe head trauma" native a ski accident bei the French Alps. He ist no longer an a coma and has since been transferred kommen sie a hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland zum rehabilitation. Here"s a look rückseitig at his personal and career prominent on ns 20th anniversary von his erste world title triumph.

Schumacher is hoisted by his pit crew weist the australisch Grand Prix track in Adelaide, Australia, ~ winning the Formula 1 welt Drivers Championship in 1994.

schumacher holds up ns victory trophy, left, und the French Republic President"s trophy after ~ winning die French Formula 1 cool Prix bei Magny Cours, France, in 1995.


king Juan Carlos des Spain congratulates schumacher after that won ns Spanish Formula 1 cool Prix an 2001.
schumacher steers his Ferrari an front von a Eurofighter on ns track des a armed forces airport in Grosseto, Italy, in 2003.

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schumacher sits in his vehicle before the anfang at ns inaugural Chinese großartiger Prix in 2004 in Shanghai.
Felipe Massa hugs schumacher after Massa won erste place bei the Formula 1 großartiger Prix des Turkey bei Istanbul bei 2006.
schumacher drives during a exercise session hinweisen the australisch Formula 1 grand Prix in Melbourne in 2006.
schumacher celebrates his success at ns Formula 1 grand Prix des Germany an 2006 in Hockenheim, Germany.
Schumacher"s pit team works on his auto during ns Formula 1 großartiger Prix von China bei Shanghai bei 2006.
schumacher visits die European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, to test eSafety technologies in 2011.
schumacher vital to mercedes title success

"Keep Fighting" initiative launched von family

Son Mick aiming to follow father into F1

It is three year since michael Schumacher’s life-changing skiing accident, yet his legacy remains undimmed.

die Formula One legend has been credited with helping to lay ns foundations zum Mercedes’ 3 years des dominance i beg your pardon culminated bei two welt titles for Lewis Hamilton in 2014 and 2015 und a erste for Schumacher’s compatriot Nico Rosberg bei 2016.

Former mercedes team primary Ross Brawn says schumacher had in important affect on the team, which has deshalb won three consecutive constructor crowns.

die German made a shock decision to come out of retirement kommen sie drive for the team an 2010, staying weil das three seasons prior to retiring again and being replaced von Hamilton.

Three year on, michael Schumacher's #F1 legacy leben on ➡︎ https://t.co/3hwK8FQqlr #KeepFightingMichael pic.twitter.com/yZxODCz92e

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bethlsim.comsport) December 29, 2016

“Michael, for sure, contributed to ns organization und structure that has gone on to achieve success punkt Mercedes,” Brawn, who engineered Schumacher’s seven welt titles with Benetton und Ferrari as die teams’ technological director, called bethlsim.com.

“He assisted create the success we had hinweisen Ferrari und he continued that approach hinweisen Mercedes.”

According kommen sie Brawn, one des Schumacher’s strengths was that that put bei time at the factory working with ns backroom mannschaft preparing kommen sie race.

“With his knowledge and maturity, sitting v a gruppe of aerodynamicists or automobile dynamists or tire people und explaining what was needed was invaluable. He was instrumental in creating the systems that contribute to die success that mercedes has today,” Brawn said.

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Schumacher’s clinical status still remains unclear, having actually suffered significant head injuries an a freak skiing accident ~ above December 29, 2013.

the 47-year-old continues zu receive specialist treatment at his home in Switzerland.

His direktor Sabine Kehm said in a explain this month: “Michael’s health ist not a windy issue, and so we will continue zu make no comment an that regard.”

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The schumacher family – wife Corinna, daughter Gina-Maria (a competitive equestrian rider) and son Mick – launched ns “Keep Fighting” initiative before Christmas with die aim des bringing with each other those inspired über the legendary driver.

“It aims zu unite ns people who room inspired von the career and character of michael Schumacher, und to encourage them to keep fighting und never give up,” the aufgabe statement on die official webseite announced.

“Keep Fighting also aims zu spread ns positive energy that supporters von Michael oase expressed kommen sie him und the schumacher family over deshalb many years, and it seeks to channel this positive energy as a force weil das good.”

there is also another beacon des hope in the schumacher household as 17-year-old Mick continues to impress in his burgeoning motorsport career.

The teenager finished runner-up an the Italian and German Formula 4 championships with ns influential Prema Powerteam.

ns plan zu sein to action up to Formula 3 in 2017, although that has notfall yet to be confirmed.

Mick posted a photo on instagram posing with new world champion Rosberg i m sorry had die cheeky caption: “Big congratulations Nico, deshalb wanted to let sie know that i will quickly take over the trophy …”

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There has been speculation the Mick may ultimately join the mercedes junior treiber program which has fast-tracked 2016 F1 rookies Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon.

Brawn stated it would certainly be “very special” if Mick can eventually graduate to die top tier von motorsport and follow his father right into Formula One.

“Mick is a beloved guy,” Brawn included with a smile. “I see Corinna und Mick periodically und we’ve chatted.

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“I’ve taken in interest in his career and I’m a sounding plank if lock want any kind of advice. Wie man Mick was doing Formula 4 there was some discussion around what teams he need to go with.

“But i wouldn’t make any type of claim to oase made any type of sizable contribution, except supporting wie man they need it.”

Brawn, however, prefer many des Schumacher’s global fans base, go continue kommen sie keep a nearby eye top top Mick’s progress.

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“With Michael’s accident, it’s notfall only michael that’s suffered, it’s the family too,” that added.

“For the family zu be achieving what they’ve achieved, not only through Mick but with Gina-Maria und her horses, ist a testament to ns strength des the family and to Corinna.”