Was ist mit andreas kümmert

We space used zu Eurovision gift full of drama and we believed we had seen everything – yet on Thursday night, Germany made that clear the they could top it all! together Unser Song für Österreich was nearing the end, it seemed like Germany had made decision its winner. But suddenly and unexpectedly, Andreas Kümmert rubbish the golden ticket kommen sie Vienna und insisted the Ann Sophie take it his place. There zu sein only one thing to ask – what happened, Germany? Let’s take it look.

Du schaust: Was ist mit andreas kümmert

Germany is in shock, Europe is bei shock. Andreas Kümmert won ns German national selection Unser Song zum Österreich and had the chance to fliegen the flag in Vienna – yet he rejected it, a decision that zu sein totally unprecedented bei German Eurovision history. Andreas explained, “Thanks weil das your support, Germany, yet right now I’m not an the appropriate condition kommen sie do this and I want kommen sie give the chance to Ann Sophie. I’m just a wenig singer and she zu sein the better choice.”

Meanwhile, wildcard entry Ann Sophie, that had already accepted 2nd place, was just as speechless as everybody else. The host, Barbara Schöneberger asked andreas if he was really sure around this. His reaction was short und to ns point, saying “I’m sorry” prior to he left the stage. Ann Sophie, ausblüten shocked, asked if she was really going to Vienna and if world would like to see her there. Ns answer was yes, and she performed her song “Black Smoke” as soon as again.


Why walk Andreas decide zu cancel his day with Eurovision?

In the press conference appropriate after die show, ARD spiel boss thomas Schreiber stated that andreas wanted to take part bei the zeigen but nothing further was likely zu happen. “There to be some problems with Andreas an The Voice des Germany an 2013 as he was really daunting to handle sometimes”, he explained.

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The shocking moment

New champion Ann Sophie was sympathetic towards Andreas: “We should nur leave him alone now. He needs zu find himself. He’s a great singer and I understand why he stated he can’t execute it or he doesn’t feeling it together it’s too much zum him – and that’s okay. He’s yes, really brave und it’s great that that listened zu his love – everybody should listen to their hearts, also if freundin don’t know before that that will ende like this.”

It seems that andreas had been having actually a complicated time bei the week before the national final. German news tagebuch Focus reports that andreas verbally abused audience members punkt a concert on Saturday, while Stern zeitschrift reports that andreas was unwell an the job before Unser Song weil das Österreich and a medical professional needed zu be dubbed after he came down through a fever des 40 degrees.

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Was andreas right to give ns ticket zu Ann Sophie? how do you rate his decision? Leave your comments below.