Was ist los in fürth

It was pre-pandemic wie the los Angeles–based interior designer oliver M. Furth’s clients approached er about update their new home bei the desire flats des Beverly Hills. Ns couple had recently relocated from new York city hoping kommen sie capture ns same city charm but bei a less chaotic environment.

“The husband und wife space both from California,” Furth says. “And ~ living an Manhattan zum two decades, lock felt it was time to kommen sie home.”

The couple rented zum a while prior to stumbling upon the two-story Georgian-style property collection on almost half an acre in the heart von the 90210 zip code. “Beverly Hills ist a garden city, but die flats space really urban—you’re only 4 blocks indigenous all the shops, deswegen everything is really walkable,” he adds. “They consider themselves neu Yorkers, dafür incorporating that metropolitan feel right into the entwurf was important kommen sie them.”


The home was built bei 1929; the original format was blieb somewhat evident, but it had actually been remodeled a number des times over die years, and many of the period details had been covered trost or removed entirely. Still, that had good bones und plenty des heart. “Oliver was very eager kommen sie keep what we loved—its charm, i beg your pardon reminded us of our apartment in New york City—and make it livable und current,” die homeowners explain. “We were looking hinweisen a sort von Paul Williams aesthetic,” claims Furth, referring to ns famed Los angeles architect who when designed homes weil das Frank Sinatra, barbara Stanwyck, and Lucille Ball. “So i used together a point of reference for restoring part architectural gravitas to die home.”

But even die best-laid plans kann go rather awry: During die 10 month Furth spent renovating und outfitting ns home, die world changed. “Initially, there was a very structured foundation for the design, but, as we began die installation, we decided zu be a bit an ext playful based on ns current state of events,” the says. The result is a colorful, functional, and family-friendly retreat from ns uncertainty gripping ns world. “It has enough an are that we kann all uncover our very own area und not be on top of one another,” the homeowners add. “But ns elements meant to draw united state together—like the den downstairs with the giant pink sofa—are never far away.”

Entry room


Designer oliver M. Furth combined modern und contemporary pieces an the entry hall, including ns vintage Philip Arctander clam chair native J.F. Chen, a BCW flexible Mushroom table from Blackman Cruz, und artwork such as markierung Reigelman’s mine American Cousin.

Du schaust: Was ist los in fürth

Furth started with a nod to old Hollywood von laying ns Carrara und Nero Marquina marble checkerboard flooring, i beg your pardon extends throughout viel of the hauptsächlich level. The staircase—one von the home’s original elements—was given an ext prominence when Furth chose kommen sie ebonize ns steps, including to ns graphic quality von the space. “We uncovered ns balustrade und banister, which were both original, then custom-built all ns paneling on ns walls kommen sie highlight staircase,” that says.

Sitting Room


Furth selected several antique fritz Henningsen pieces, including a schwarz chair und ottoman and a red leather chair (circa 1930), along with an antique wilhelm IV mahogany and leather chair, every from J.F. Chen. He deshalb sourced a vintage Vico Magistretti chrome-and-ebonized cocktail table to anchor ns space.

Playing with contrasts of color and textures, Furth created ns ultimate lounge room worthy von a 5th Avenue penthouse. “I gave the walls this beautiful Manila Hemp grass fabric from Phillip Jeffries—with the ‘Triscuit’ texture—and collection it off von lacquering the ceiling in Pratt & Lambert’s high-gloss lacquer an Gun Powder.” He then juxtaposed ns custom upholstered “lipstick pink” Romo Linara linen sofa against the antique Mashad rug zu accentuate the neu York vibe ns homeowners wanted.

The homeowner’s collection of objects und artwork—including a Jean-Michel Basquiat Cabeza display screen print—creates die final, personal layer. “The ceramic liebe light fixture von Ryan Mennealy was a schädlich from the husband kommen sie his wife—the cutouts are made up des dots und dashes the spell the word love in Morse code,” Furth says.



With the enlarged footprint, the kitchen ist a favourite spot zum the family to come together. Ns checkerboard floor zu sein a perfect enhance to ns custom cabinets an Benjamin Moore’s schwarze farbe Satin high gloss und the white subway tiles. The hand-painted roman shade ist from Porter Teleo, ns seats room vintage Bride’s Veil respond to stools from Galerie Twentieth, ns Lariat pendant is from Apparatus, und the appliances are Wolf.
What was originally five rooms and a dienstleistungen staircase ist now a location where the family kann sein hang out and entertain. “The existing country-style kitchen had been redone an the ’80s, complete with hand-painted tiles depicting farm animals,” Furth adds with a laugh. “It was ns joke of the project because it’s definitely not a country house.”

The designer extended the marble checkerboard flooring into ns space and clad the walls an white subway tile. “Thanks kommen sie Oliver, our kitchen is the hub des our home and also the sexiest und chicest room,” the homeowners say. “Not a person comes right into our residence who doesn’t comment on it—it’s notfall often you lakers a black lacquer kitchen, especially an L.A.”

Breakfast Nook


Arne Jacobsen lily armchairs from ns 1970s add a pop of color. A Quincy chandelier indigenous Circa lighting hangs overhead, and the practice shades to be designed with welt Linen fabric and Samuel & boy grosgrain trim. Ns Devil Head vase by Luke Edward Hall was acquired from die Future Perfect.
“This zu sein a casual place zum the family to gather,” Furth says von this light-filled breakfast area. “There’s a big banquette to hangout on, a bulletproof concrete table, a television—so between kids, dogs, food, and red wine, everything kann sein happen in here.”

Furth had ns vintage table updated through a tradition top by Concrete Cat and upholstered die custom banquette with faux leather and had it placed on casters. “I always think around what might happen a te from now, deshalb if freundin remove die banquette ns room might serve in entirely new purpose,” the designer notes.

Dining Room

The vintage Ole Wanscher rosewood dining table ist from J.F. Chen, und the molded plastic next chairs space from design Within Reach. Die chandelier from hubert LeHall was one of Furth’s first purchases for the project. Bei antique Chinese sideboard and Davis Allen weil das Knoll Exeter spindle chairs add to die room’s glamour. Another von the homeowner’s statement-making Basquiat display prints ist flanked von a pair von contemporary Cross erde table lamps indigenous CB2.

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“It’s quite glam bei here, but it’s a realistic glamour,” Furth says of the home’s dining room. “There’s an antique table und rug, sconces we found bei Paris, and in Astrolabe chandelier, but ns chairs space Eames—they’re plastic and can take it a spill. Ich didn’t desire anything zu feel too precious or fussy. We want people kommen sie feel comfortable, notfall only physically, however emotionally.” zum the wall surface color he determined Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal und had a corresponding custom high-gloss lacquer made for the ceiling.

Living Room

The family’s Ping-Pong table sit atop a vintage Mahal rug native Lawrence of la Brea. Seating includes in antique 19th-century Regency bergère from J.F. Chen and Wonky dining chairs by Matthew work Jackson from the Future Perfect. Artworks von Mark Fox, mark Reigelman, und Marilyn Minter are hung throughout.
“This space was heading bei one direction—we had plans weil das beautiful hand-painted silverleaf wallpaper and fancy curtains—but ns pandemic was an full swing und we switched gears,” ns designer recalls. For this family, the change in direction intended setting hoch their Ping-Pong table in the center des the room, but the utilitarian room is also perfect for large dinner parties.

In comparison to die some des the much more colorful rooms, Furth made decision a combination des Farrow & Ball’s all White flat and high gloss for the walls and ceiling. “This room ist flooded through light from three various directions all day, deshalb we adopted it,” he says.

Formal powder Room

The White Peonies background is von Design Alliance, die Anette swing-arm sconces room from Circa Lighting, and the neck faux bamboo Italian ottoman is from J.F. Chen.
Furth outfitted this space, i m sorry serves together the main powder room zum guests, with anwendbar brass and gold fixtures and accessories an homage zu 1930s glamour. “The client’s favourite flowers are peonies, deshalb we blew trost this pattern,” that says von the dramatic wallcovering. The custom circular wire mirror, with handmade ceramic beads von Marie Christophe, was commissioned von the husband as a gift for his wife.

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Primary toilet

A paneled tub from Carter Hardware creates a spa-like elegance in the space. Ns Ann Sacks marble herringbone brick floor zu sein the perfect contrast to the cabinetry painted in Pratt & Lambert’s total Powder. Following to the tub zu sein a double Tier wolke side table handmade in Los angeles from b Zippy.
“This was another little warren of rooms that we busted offen to put a bath tub right in the center,” die designer says von his client’s dream bathroom. “There’s a tight language kommen sie this residence that’s recurring throughout, through all the marble, glowing lacquered cabinets und walls, ns very clean ivory linen home window shades, und gilt brass and gold fixtures.”

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