Neil Patriông chồng Harris is an actor best known for appearing on TV shows lượt thích Doogie Howser, M.D.

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and How I Met Your Mother.

When not working, Harris is also married lớn actor and chef David Burtka. The couple has been together for many years now, which is an impressive feat in Hollywood. So how exactly vày they make their marriage work?


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka | David Livingston/Getty Images

How did Neil Patriông chồng Harris & David Burtka meet?

Harris & Burtka first met in the early 2000s via a mutual friend. At the time, Burtka was in a relationship, though he và Harris continued to lớn run into lớn each other. Harris và Burtka began dating in 2004.

In an interview with Out Magazine in 2012, Harris shared that he and Burtka have sầu a lot in comtháng, though their differences also complement each other.

“When I see people who are equally attractive sầu, they tover khổng lồ seem more quiet và kind of Marlboro Man-y, & David’s the antithesis of that. He’s more like Tigger,” Harris said. “I’m, in turn, very introspective — the thinker, rather than the doer. I tkết thúc to lớn weigh options before making decisions, and David is the polar opposite of that.”

He also added, “We’re hyper similar and also incredibly opposite. We giới thiệu a wardrobe. We have the same shoe form size, body toàn thân form size, height, and weight. We’re both Gemini. We both lượt thích the idea of family — not a nuclear family, but a social family. Yet, we’re incredibly opposite in the way we process information.”

After dating for a few years, Burtka proposed in 2007. Then, the couple got married in Italy in 2014.

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Neil Patriông chồng Harris và David Burtka have 2 kids

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In 2010, Harris and Burtka’s family grew with the addition of twin children: son Gideon and daughter Harper. The kids were born via a surrogate mother.

In the same interview with Out, Burtka shared that he had always wanted to be a father. He also revealed that he is the “maternal” person in their relationship.

“For the first year, I didn’t miss a nighttime or morning with them,” Burtka said. “I think it’s important to have other lives and feed your relationship, but it’s also important that your children are raised by you.”

How vày Neil Patriông chồng Harris and David Burtka make their marriage work?

So proud of my husb&
Davidburtka and his amazing cookbook. Last night’s LA launch sự kiện was awesome and the food (his recipes) was expectedly divine. Please grab a copy và see for yourself: #LifeisAParty

— Neil Patriông chồng Harris (
ActuallyNPH) April 24, 2019

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Hollywood relationships are not known khổng lồ last very long, but Harris & Burtka seem to lớn have defied the odds. They have been together for almost two decades.

According lớn Harris, the secret to their happy union is counseling. He told Life & Style in 2017, “We go lớn couples therapy. Not that there’s anything wrong, but it’s nice to sort of just talk lớn someone who is a mediator. That’s helped our relationship.”

Two years later, while celebrating their 15th year anniversary, Harris also told Entertainment Tonight (via Huffpost) that something else is important in maintaining a stable marriage.

“I think the secret to lớn a relationship is just perseverance, you know?” Harris said. “It’s not always pretty ― but he’s pretty, so it makes it easy.”