Environmental Pollution In

Although environmental pollution in Vietnam is at a controllable rate, the effects of industrialization và modernization seem to lớn make it worse. In addition, the assessments of some international organizations about the environment in Vietnam vày not show too many rose-colored signals. Water pollution và air pollution are frequently considered as the two main reasons for this problem.

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Water Pollution in Vietnam

In some remote areas, some people vày not have enough clean water to use. As a result, they have to use the water from the river or hand-digged wells và they contain some substance that affects health. Moreover, water filtration systems are impossible to lớn meet the needs of people. The authority has applied a lot of solutions and actions but it must take a lot of time và effort to supply clean water lớn every house.


Furthermore, the rivers và lakes are contaminated by factories that pour waste into them. They should have inadequate waste-treatment systems khổng lồ filter the waste before pouring it into the river and the government should have new strict laws to prevent the firm pour waste into water.

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Water pollution causes great damage, it causes diseases like cholera, diarrhea, & skin diseases. The fatality rate of cholera has risen recently especially the children under 5. Water pollution can destroy farming và kill animals around the source like fish và some aquatic life. Water pollution can kill plant life, plants died when they were irrigated with water containing heavy chemicals.

Air Pollution in Vietnam

Air pollution is another major problem in Vietnam. The smoke released from motorbikes, cars, trucks is declining the fresh air in the city. Vietnam is developing economics và in other fields, increase the appearance of the industrial zones. Therefore, dust is dramatically increased. The dust rate in our country is quite high especially on low-temperature days or dry air. The dust has significantly affected human health such as accelerate the aging process, impair respiratory function, causing diseases such as asthma, cough, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, even cause lung cancer. The solution is the government has a new strict rule to the people pollute the environment. Besides the most important is still the consciousness of the people.


In recent years, the Vietnamese government has imposed strict rules to lớn totally prevent the factories from polluting the environment. The awareness of people of environmental protection is highly increased thanks to education và mass media. With green office và responsible travel, Viet Vision Travel is contributing our efforts lớn make the environment in Vietnam better. In the near future, environmental pollution in Vietnam will be surely monitored.