Vietnamese Food: 25 Must

Ho Chi Minh in Vietphái mạnh is known for some of the best street food in the world. But with thousands of street food vendors literally everywhere, where should you begin your Saigon street food adventure? What should you eat? And exactly where should you try it?

Welcome to lớn the RecipeTin Eats’ Top 10 BEST Street Food in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minc City!

Top 10 BEST Street Food in VietnamHo Chi Minch City

The food in Vietphái nam is so good, I tell people it’s worth going lớn Vietnam giới just for the food. Seriously!

Ho Chi Minch City is the hot, buzzing food capital of Vietphái nam. Despite the modern face of Saigon, with the rise of trendy bars and restaurants, the true soul of Vietnamese food will always remain the traditional street food.

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Fresh, fast, cheap, và above sầu all delicious, this is the food of the people.

It’s also the food we love sầu lớn eat in Vietphái nam and what keeps us coming back. 4 times in the last 12 months, khổng lồ be exact!


There are literally thousands of street food vendors, stalls and restaurants serving a mind-boggling variety of mouth-watering dishes across the thành phố. So, where is a visitor lớn begin their Saigon street food adventure? What should you eat? And where should you try it?

We’ve got answers. We’ve sầu done the retìm kiếm, interrogated locals & eaten our way around the city over multiple trips.

We’re thrilled to giới thiệu with you below what we think are the must-try, iconic dishes of Saigon & the best places lớn try them. So hop on the back of a Grab scooter (OK, maybe just get a taxi) & get ready lớn dive inkhổng lồ the incredible world of Saigon street eats!

Welcome lớn RecipeTin Eats’ Top 10 BEST Street Foods To Try In Saigon!

(And exactly where to try them!)

1. Grilled pork and spring rolls on rice vermicelli (Bún giết mổ nướng)

WHY IT’S A MUST-TRY: Slippery cool noodles, fresh lettuce & herbs, fried spring roll, grilled pork. This is a riot of textures, colours and flavours in a bowl. Here’s my recipe for the chicken version!



THE PITCH: Enjoyed nationally, bun thi nuong can be found all over Vietphái nam except in Hanoi where they have sầu their own version called bun cha. There are variations of bun thit nuong toppings, but grilled pork và spring rolls are the most popular & common. It’s also a cooled dish – seriously refreshing in Ho Chi Minh City’s sweltering climate!

BEST PLACE TO HAVE IT: Bun Thit Nuong Chi Tuyen, District 1 (Map)

This place started as a small street stall on Co Giang Street 40 years ago and is still going strong, morphing inkhổng lồ a proper two-storey restaurant on the same street. It’s hugely popular – so much so that they barbecue pork continuously and in bulk at a dedicated grill up the street, whizzing the skewers baông xã to lớn the restaurant by motorcycle!


2. Broken Rice (Cơm tấm)

WHY IT’S A MUST-TRY: A Ho Chi Minch City staple, com tam is the iconic rice dish of the city



THE PITCH: Often eaten for breakfast, com tam (“broken rice”) is a rice dish usually topped with a smoky grilled pork chop, a slice of pork or prawn meatloaf, shredded pork skin and pickles. “Broken rice” refers to the cracked rice grains, which gives the rice a deliciously quality texture.

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BEST PLACE TO HAVE IT: Com Tam Ba Ghien, Phuong 10 (Map)

Com tam slingers can be found everywhere in Ho Chi Minc City but Com Tam Ba Ghien is one the city’s most famous. In business since 1995, Ba Ghien is known for their pork chops as big as your face, freshly barbecued over smouldering coals. Don’t forget to add a fried egg – the oozing yolk takes this Ho Chi Minc City favourite to lớn next-level amazing!


3. Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (Bun bo hue)

WHY IT’S A MUST-TRY: It’s Pho – on steroids. And it’s hard to find outside of Vietnam!



THE PITCH: Everybody toàn thân who loves Vietnamese food knows và adores beef pho, and we are equally hopeless pho tragics. But travelling to lớn Vietnam giới offers the chance to lớn broaden your noodle soup horizons và open your mouth lớn some of the country’s lesser known but equally scrumptious offerings.

Bun bo hue is another of our favourite noodle dishes và is revered across Vietphái nam. Hailing from Hue, this noodle soup is a flavour disteo of rich beef broth, lemongrass, shrimp paste all turbocharged with a good slap of fiery chilli oil. Have sầu a laugh when you see me suffer in the video!

BEST PLACE TO HAVE IT: Bun Bo Hue Dong Ba, District 1 (Map)

It’s been around since the 1920s và though it might look like it hasn’t seen a renovation since, look past the tatty interior. With its friendly staff, convenient location, & deliciously fragrant bun bo hue, Dong Ba is still a Ho Chi Minc City local favourite và one of the best bowls we’ve sầu had in the city!


4. Street Food Ghetto

This next place isn’t a dish, it’s a food experience area that’s well worth a visit. It’s an area called Nguyen Thien Thuat apartments (Map). One local affectionately dubbed it a Street Food Ghetto, & now we vì too because it’s easier to lớn pronounce!

It’s a local area và it’s pumping!! THIS is what I love about traveling – seeing the real local areas, getting away from the tourist traps!


As you stroll down the winding alleys, you’ll see crowds of locals going about their daily routine and vendors serving up all sorts of tasty foods.

Marinated pork grilled over charcoal, fresh soft rice paper rolls filled with beef và crispy rice pancakes grilled over coals và filled with shrimp, egg và slathered with butter – one of my favourite street snacks!


But my favourite food to have here is snail.

Yes. SNAILS. But not your common garden variety snails! They are sea snails và they taste like mussels!

Nibbling on sea snails & chugging down ice cold beers on the tiny plastic stools is the equivalent of pubs baông chồng home!

Sea Snails